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Erin Morris Ceramics

Farms at Work

Farms at Work offers a place to meet, learn, share and explore for farmers

Hyland Tree Care

True tree care begins with the knowledge that we need trees. With that as our starting point, we work to improve trees' ability to not just survive, but thrive.

About GrassRootsDesign

  • About Us

    GrassRootsDesign has been providing original website services since 1996. The internet has changed rapidly since then and we have continued to provide service based on the latest standards and technologies.

    Our goal of supporting our customers and clients in gaining more control over their web presence has continued to grow as content management systems have also grown. Open Source & the GNU GPL software is supported by thousands of programmers, developers and users around the world keeping it fresh and secure at the same time.

    We are located in Warsaw, Ontario and provided website services for people throughout Peterborough county and around the world.

  • Community

    GrassRootsDesign provides free design, development and consulting services to various community groups, organizations, associations, startups and others who need a professional website.

    We also provide low cost services to local organization upon request.

    If you have a web development project in mind don't let a limited budget prevent your project going forward. Contact GrassRootsDesign with your project and we will find a way to make it happen.

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    info at GrassRootsDesign.com
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    705 930-2468
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    248 Clifford Road
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