The Electric Hat Random Name Chooser

The Name Chooser lets you pick a random name from a list of names. The draw is anonymous. Only the chooser knows who they have picked.

Once the list of names has been added, send a note (a template email message is available from the administration panel) to the participants and the draw begins. Participants click a link or log in to your customized page and select their name from the list. When they click the "Choose Name" button they are automatically, randomly and anonymously assigned a name from the list of names that have been entered.

  • there is absolutely no charge
  • it are no paid advertisement
  • secured by a private login
  • option to avoid picking your own spouse
  • upload a custom logo option
  • save setting for one year with optional renewal
  • no tracking or email collection
  • delete account at any time

The 'spouse option' can be buggy and only works for couples (two people). If problems occur, the admin will need to assign the last couple of names that are left.

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