Website Support & Maintenance Services
Support & maintenance laptop

GrassRootsDesign provides ongoing support for all the services we provide.

  • free initial consultation
  • ongoing support
  • updated and relevant computer information

GrassRootsDesign provides annual service packages that provide the benefit of having your web site modified or updated at any time as well as providing on-going support for software, updates, security and consulation.

We also provide free consultation for people and businesses that are just starting out or considering expanding their internet presence. If you need information about an internet project call or email us first.

When you hire GrassRootsDesign to manage your website and need to change your site email your changes and the site will be modified, usually within 48 hours. All changes are fully documented and a record of the changes are sent to you.

Some our services are:

  • original website design
  • original graphic design and optimization
  • updating, adding and/or modifying web pages
  • posting periodicals, newsletters & documents
  • redesigning page layouts
  • adding multimedia, graphics & animation
  • modifying existing website
  • custom coding and programming
  • search engine and social media optimization
  • initial project consultation
  • technical support
  • and many others

Hiring GrassRootsDesign for your project gives your organization or business a resource to consult for all your computer related needs, answers to questions and quick solutions to problems. GrassRootsDesign can offer ideas of where to start, help you decide what you need and assist with the planning and implementation of your web site project.

GrassRootsDesign has been designing websites, providing consulting and computer training and creating computer graphics for clients around the world. GrassRootsDesign customers can access these resources through e-mail or telephone. Onsite service can be arranged depending on your location.

If you or your organizations are considering a website project or upgraded, GrassRootsDesign can get it done. With a free initial consultation GRD can help you decide what you need to get started or how to make your website more effective. Once you request website services from GrassRootsDesign the consultation process is ongoing and provides you and your organization with internet and computer related information available when you need it.

Some organizations may want to maintain part or all of their own website and need assistance getting started or assistance once they are up an running. Whether you have a small website or a content management system we provide support services to all our customers when ever they need it.

Once your organization becomes large enough to need a content management system (CMS) GrassRootsDesign can assist with every detail including keeping your software up to date.

GrassRootsDesign has been training, consulting, and providing computer service since 1990 and building website since 1996.