Domain Registration and Security Certificates
Domain laptop

GrassRootsDesign offers a full range of domain registration, email and security services.

  • Register your domain with hundreds of extensions to choose from
  • Add a secure connection to your site with a Security Certificate
  • Use your own domain name for email

Choose from over 650 domain extensions from .abogado to .zone with new ones being added all the time. A domain registered with GrassRootsDesign becomes the property of the domain owner. We don't lock domain so the domain owner always has complete control over their domain. Contact us to get your own domain name.

If you are collecting private information on your website you will need a secure server. When people access your website the information that is exchanged goes through multiple servers. Every server that your information goes through can view that information.

A secure server creates a secure connection between your website's server and your customer or client's computer. Any information that is transferred becomes encrypted so that other servers cannot view the information. GrassRootsDesign provides free Let's Encrypt security certificates if your domain is hosted with us!

If your site requires more advance security, GrassRootsDesign can provide security certificates and unique IP addresses. Contact us today get your website secure.